22 Secret Tips and Tricks to Protect WordPress Admin Panel 257

Most of the people give importance on the administration area as it is a place that needs to be secured. As the day goes by, the chance of unauthorized access to your blog may increase. To find this solution I have included a short overview of some tips from different sources to help you protect your admin area.

  1. Rename and Upload the WordPress Folder
  2. Extend the file wp-config.php
  3. Move the wp-config.php file
  4. Protect the wp-config.php file
  5. Delete the admin User Account
  6. Choose strong passwords
  7. Protect the wp-admin directory
  8. Suppress Error Feedback on the Log-In Page
  9. Restrict Erroneous Log-In Attempts
  10. Keep Software Up to Date
  11. Create Custom Login Links
  12. Limit Login Attempts
  13. Use Secure SSL Login Pages
  14. Password Protect WP-Admin Directory
  15. Limit Access via IP Address
  16. Never use “admin” Username
  17. Remove Error Message on the Login Page
  18. Use Encrypted Password to Login
  19. WordPress Antivirus Protection
  20. Stay Updated with the Latest WordPress Version
  21. One Time Password
  22. WordPress Firewall Plugin

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